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This is the official page of Kampung Chat Network. It is different from other chat rooms, because it will stay in one place and make you feel like you are in your home (friendly and family atmosphere). Most people start chatting with strangers to try each other out and make new friends using the Kampungchat irc network.

Kampung chat room without registration

Hey welcome to our chat room known as Kampung Chat Network, we are here to provide you the best fastest and easiest web based chatting site. In this chat room you can send voice messages along with text chat, if you feel bored while text chatting, you can send voice message to the next person, so you can send video and photo to other users while chatting

This is a mixed chat room of Malaysian and Singaporean people, here you can easily find Malaysian and Singaporean girls and boys. No registration is required to join a chat room to meet new people and make friends through chatting.

KampungChat is a mobile friendly web based site. You can easily access it from any mobile device, its very fast and unique website. No advanced or high speed internet required It works on all data packages and mobile devices. No special mobile phone or internet package is required to join the Kampung chat room.

ChatKampung software: Very soon our Kampung chatting app will be launched on Google Play Store for mobile users who want to login chat with the app. So be patient very soon chat app will launch on play store.

Terms of Use:

Enjoy your chat here but please be respectful to other chatters! Please do NOT; ⛔ Spam, flood, advertise or engage in other inappropriate anti-social behaviour in the room as this is unacceptable and can get you kicked off/banned. Many thanks for your co-operation! 👍

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Kampung chat